I am an Iranian interdisciplinary artist living and working in the Netherlands since 2020. I work with experimental videos and objects, and I present them in the form of video installations.

I started my artistic career with a dedication to drawing. Later on, I found drawing restrictive, and I started making installations. Shortly after, with the help of my experience in drawing and object making, I entered the realm of motion pictures and used various techniques to create them. Molding with plaster bandage and casting with plaster has been an inseparable part of my process to make pieces, often using the human body as the source of inspiration.

Everything around me, including collective items and artworks, is in a loop, and they are constantly backing the making process and turning to new artwork. This is a significant part of my method to keep everything I make –and/or– collect in a loop, reusing them in new ideas and giving them a second life, as opposed to a one-time product.

I focus on memories, remembering, and the thin line between dreams and memories. It reflects on my life as an immigrant and the necessity of remembering the past to avoid being disconnected from my origins. Hence, I use my personal archive, including photos, notes, old artworks, etc. 

Katayoon Valamanesh

Born: July 1990 Rasht, Iran


Bachelor of Biomedical engineering in Science and Research University, 2008-2012

Bachelor of painting in science and Culture University, 2013-2018

Master of painting in Frank Mohr Institute, 2020-2022


Theater Photographyin "live in theatre" theatre, 2014

Text advice theatre in "dizziness" theatre, 2015

Ilustration for Shahid sales institute, 2017

Volunteer art-teacher in Humanitas Institution for refugees

Group Exhibition

Winter 96, Seyhoun Art Gallery, Iran, 2018

Third Exhibition of versus visual arts , Iranian Artist Forum, Iran, 2018

Drawing and gavel, Drawing Museum, Iran, 2018

P:S1.K-V.14, Drawing Museum, Iran, 2018

Endorse, Azad Art Gallery, Iran, 2018

Flower/the purse paradox, Inja Art Gallery, Iran, 2019

Drawing event, Seyhoun Art Gallery, Iran, 2019

The 6th small sized art works exhibition, Aria Gallery, Iran, 2020

Art Away, The Netherlands, 2021

A house on water, Never at Home, Austria, 2022

RE:Present, Research Gallery, The Netherlands, 2022

Future, De Toekomst, Scheemda, The Netherlands, 2022

Self Portrait, Iranian Artist Forum, Iran, 2022

Het Bloemetjesgordijn, Kunstpodium T, Tilburg, The Netherlands, 2023

Salon, WEP, Groningen, The Netherlands, 2023

Memory of remembering, Personeelskamer, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2023

See Djerba, Tunisia, 2023

Kunst aan de Vaart, Assen, The Netherlands, 2023


Awards Winner of second prize at Jokal painting festival-pardis melat, Iran, 2018

Award Winner of Hendrik de Vries Stipendium Prize, Visual Art, The Netherlands, 2022


Nominated for the Reisma van den Burg Stipendium, 2023

Nominated for the Best Short Film in the Student World Impact Film Festival, USA, 2023

Open Call

Federal Ministery For European and International Affairs (Bundesminesterium Europäische und Internationale Angelegenheiten), Austria, 2021

Botteghe Digital project/ summer school, Italy, 2022

Apprentice Master Program, The Netherlands, 2022-2023